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The Rubber Chick-fil-a Gameplan

Last year’s TRC staff trip to frigid, bitter, annoying Birminghamhas beenwell documented elsewhere in this space (btw, have a blast this year, you annoyingKentucky fans, and be sure to plan ahead and attend all 4 minutes of the BBVA Compass … Continue reading

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1984, And What It Can Teach Us

Just the mention of theyear ‘1984’ carries a ton of meaning to the average Gamecock fan. It was a year of celebratedfirsts, butalso a year of numbing almosts It was a year of unprecedented success, but also a year of … Continue reading

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What 6-6 Looks Like – CTU Edition

You just might be a middle of the pack team in a mediocre conference when you lobby and whine and beg your way into a cold bowl in Charlotte. The #5 bowlpick in the Mighty ACCis the Meineke Car Care … Continue reading

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Christmas Comes to College Park

Christmas morning, middle class dwelling in College Park, Georgia: Son: Daddy, I can’t believe all the great presents I got! Dad: We have been very blessed this last couple of years son, and this is really a great Christmas. Son: … Continue reading

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Dabo Makes One Cat Really Happy

H/T to Tigerdroppings

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I Can’t Quit You . . .

. . . dated jerk-wad gamecock web board profile avatar .gif:

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2010 Year in Review: Dumbest Statements in Sports Edition

Sowith the end of the year quickly approaching, its time for the inevitable “year in review” lists and videos. We here at TRCare not immune to the look back temptation, so here is a list of the five stupidest things … Continue reading

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Its My Meme, and I’m Sticking With It

The resemblance continues to freak me out. Coach Boom just adds to the creepiness:

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Bowl Me Over, or Why I’m Watching This Weekend’s Bowl Games

Some say there are too many bowl games. Too many games resulting in mediocre teams matching up incontests completely devoid of passion and intrigue. Well, I disagree, and right strongly at that. In fact,over the next fortnight or so, I … Continue reading

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Pundits: USC to Return to Rightful Place in 2011

I didnt expect bulletin board material to start rolling in for 2011 this early, but two opinion pieces in one day from the Atlanta Journal Constitution show just how far South Carolina has to go to gain the respect of … Continue reading

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