Christmas Comes to College Park

Christmas morning, middle class dwelling in College Park, Georgia:

Son: Daddy, I can’t believe all the great presents I got!

Dad: We have been very blessed this last couple of years son, and this is really a great Christmas.

Son:  I can’t believe I got a Nintendo DS, an Xbox 360, AND a Wii!

Dad:  [laughs] [pats son on head]

Son: And Daddy, I also got a Range Rover, mom got a bunch of clothes, and you’ve got a new Rolex!  How can we afford all this stuff?

Dad:  Son, don’t you know that Santa is magic?  Don’t you worry about things like money, just leave that to me.  When I think of how many times you’ve made me smile over the last year . . .

Son: [eyes down] But Daddy, the other guys on my football team tell me its foolish to still believe in Santa.

Dad:  Don’t you listen to them! Don’t you dare listen!  There is a real Santa Claus, and he’s magic!

Son: [brightens, sips juice bottle]: Thanks Daddy, I love you!

Dad: I love you too, Cam!