SEC Weekly Bowl Projections

Yes, they called the pregame "PoppaPalooza" and yes, it sucked that much.
BCS Title Game: Auburn vs. Oregon- an under-reported nugget: Nick Fairley has aLagarrette Blount tattoo.
Allstate Sugar Bowl: LSU vs.Boise State – Sugar, Balls and Grass. And Balls.
Capitol One Bowl: Alabama vs. Ohio State – 80,000 fans spend money on hotel rooms and pork rinds makingthe selectioncommittee happy, butthen snooze through this completely mind-numbing matchup along with the rest of America. Tradition on display? Yes. Exciting football? puullleaze.
Cotton Bowl:Arkansas vs.Oklahoma – The Houston Nutt Bowl. Look it Up.
Outback Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Michigan State – Bizarro Dawgs against the Bizarro Spartans. Expect bizarro ratings (i.e. only measureable in the world of Htrae [NERD ALERT!])
Chick-fil-a Bowl: Anyone-But-South-Carolina-No-Matter-How-Much-We-Have-to-Torture-the-Logic (Publically, the committee will simply say “Florida”) vs. NC State.
Gator Bowl: South Carolina vs.Iowa- along way to fall because a) The Capitol One marauding hordesselection committee loves Bama, b)The Outback has seen us enough already and would like to date around a little, and c) the marketing staff at the Chick-fil-a Bowl is immune to the geniusof game birds in a poultry-based bowl.
Music City Bowl: Hey,look who ended up with seven wins! Red Lobster Cheesy Biscuits! Kentucky vs. Maryland! Exclamation points cannot rescue this boring matchup!!!!
Liberty Bowl:Tennessee vs. Houston [or somebody, we get nappy whenever Conference USA is on]. Actually a goodresult for the post-Kiffined Vols. At least the UT players will be scrubbed clean. That’s something, Memphis, its something.
Birmingham Bowl: Georgia vs Louisville – AJ Green spurned the hometown school for this? BBBWWWAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAAA! /writhes on ground in unrelenting mirth.

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