2010 Year in Review: Dumbest Statements in Sports Edition

So with the end of the year quickly approaching, its time for the inevitable “year in review” lists and videos.  We here at TRC are not immune to the look back temptation, so here is a list of the five stupidest things we’ve heard in and around college football this year (along with an appropriate level of snarky response):

– ESPN’s Mike Belotti at 7:00 minutes mark in SC-CTU football game:  “Wow, the fans are all standing up and its the first quarter.  In all my years, I’ve never seen that happen this early.” [Really, coach?  You haven’t?  I’ve always heard what a dispassioned waste of poll space the PAC-10 is, but never really grasped just how much of a coast-plant that entire region is until now.  You know, we’ve got a name for when SEC fans stand and cheer for the entire game:  its called “Saturday.”]

– Urban Meyer, January 1, 2010 “I plan on being the coach of the Gators.” [On again, off again, the Brett Farve of college football coaches kept what was arguably the premier football program in the nation in turmoil for over a year.  Do you think his ambivalence went unnoticed in the Swamp locker room?  A 7-5 record and Outback Bowl bid argue in the negative.]

– Big Ten Commissioner James E. Delany on division names and logos. “We involved many thoughtful, dedicated professionals and we listened to many ideas from our member schools, alumni and fans.” [Professional whats?  ‘Cause it ain’t looking like you used professional graphic artists or advertising execs.  Maybe you used washed-up corporate team building consultants.

– Anything Dabo Swinney said on a daily basis, and probably before he walked outside to pick up his copy of Grit Magazine, but most particularly this gem: “You turn on the TV and watch any NFL football, there’s some bad quarterbacks in that league,” Swinney said. “Some bad ones.  They’d have a hard time beating out Kyle Parker.”  Actually, upon rereading this quote with a full season of Kyle’s body of work now in, Dabo may have meant this as the ultimate slam on how mind-blowing bad some NFL QBs are.  Otherwise, Doooh!]

-  Kevin Lennon, NCAA vice president for academic and membership affairs: “Based on the information available to the reinstatement staff at this time, we do not have sufficient evidence that Cam Newton or anyone from Auburn was aware of this activity.”  [This may not be stupid, but it is mind-rapingly naive.  My youngest son is only 9 years old, and even he knows when Daddy gets paid.]