TRC SEC Weekly Bowl Projections (now with more initials)

BCS Title Game:Boise Statevs. Oregon- If the center of the college football world is the Southeastern United States, how in the #^&%$!*& could this happen? Oh, and if you are a betting man, take theOVER for combined points, whatever it is. And yes, I know this is not an SEC Bowl game, but it should be.
Allstate Sugar Bowl: Auburn vs. Ohio State – The idea of these two quarterbacks on the same field will be TVratings gold – that is, if either of them are still eligible to play.
Capitol One Bowl:LSUvs. Michigan State -D’antonio and his heart troubles coupled with Miles and his brain troubles will be an interesting side story.
Cotton Bowl:Arkansas vs.Oklahoma – Can we get the Okies to keep the Arkies as pets after this one is over? Fair warning, Sooners, the ‘backs aren’t house trained.
Outback Bowl: Florida vs. Penn State – Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Don’t believeme? It’s actually a stretch that these two programs get this high.
Chick-fil-aBowl: Anyone-But-South-Carolina-No-Matter-How-Much-We-Have-to-Torture-the-Logic (publically, the committee will simply say “Damn it, you mean we HAVE to take South Carolina”) vs. Florida State.
Gator Bowl: Mississippi State vs.Iowa – new style offense against old style offense. Oh, and also, cowbells versuscowbelles.
Music City Bowl: Georgia vs. Boston College – this is a matchup that once would have mattered, and maybe evenhappened in a Peach Bowl (memory fuzzy) once upon a time. Oh, and A.J. Green: you spurned the home state school for this? BWWAAAHHHAAA x infinity.
Liberty Bowl:Tennessee vs.Central Florida[or somebody,I’m not really sure which teams are in Conference USA -I do have a life, you know]. Still hoping that the zeitgeist catches on to my Derek-Dooley-is-Bob-Crane meme.
Birmingham Bowl:Kentucky vs Louisville -because the first time around was so compelling. What, it wasn’t? Who cares, suck it B-ham.
The High Point of the Trip. I Know, That's Sad.