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TRC’s Top Ten Candidates for Vacant Coaching Position

Help me out here, how many stages of grief are there?  Upon hearing about the Jeep Hunter dismissal, the editorial staff at TRC probably blew through them all in short order.  We went from #1 Groggy Comprehension (Huh, who?  Hey, … Continue reading

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Signing Day Adam – A Meditation

Signing Day Adam being, of course, the day before Signing Day Eve. Feel free to use that one, and you’re welcome. That to the side, longtime followers of TRC will remember  that I profess absolutely no interest in recruiting.  This representation … Continue reading

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TRC Unleashed, Episode 20 is Here for Your Listening Pleasure

Click here, then ignore the horrible sound quality for the first minute, then enjoy ramblings about: National Signing Day and how the Gamecocks will fare The dismissal of Jeep Hunter and what it all means A preview of a preview … Continue reading

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TRC Unleashed – Episode 20 Tonight at 6 p.m.

TRC brings you the historic 20th episode of Unleashed tonight at 6 p.m. It’s hard to believe three guys with nothing to talk about have produced 10 hours worth of podcasts.  Tonight we’ll try to make a boring week exciting … Continue reading

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Jeep Hunter, A Google Retrospective

Reports are out there that Carolina Runningbacks Tight Ends Safeties Spurs Coach Jeep Hunter is no longer a part of the coaching staff. We here at TRC are saddened by this news for many reasons, not the least of which … Continue reading

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TRC Word of the Day: Parvenu

The word ‘parvenu’ might not be the most common of english usages, but it nevertheless conveys a meaning that any of us would readily understand.  It’s “new money”, but with a decidedly pejorative connotation.  Think The Great Gatsby, trying to overcompensate for a … Continue reading

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Inside the Head of Brent Venables

Oh holy crap what have I done.  How did I wind up here?  I was at Oklahoma…home of Wilkinson and Switzer and Sims and Holieway…home of seven National Championships and five Heisman Trophy winners.  Tradition.  REAL tradition.  Not clinging like … Continue reading

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New TRC Feature: Exclusive Recruiting Reports From Bill Cornflute

Editor’s Note:  TRC is pleased to announce that Bill Cornflute, known to all Palmetto State football fans as our very own recruiting guru, has agreed to begin sharing inside and exclusive recruiting news, otherwise known as “poop,” to our blog.  … Continue reading

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TRC Unleashed – Episode 19 is Here!

TRC Unleashed, Episode 19 recovered from a depressing start to finish strong on Monday night.  Topics included: The basketball program and where we are with that train wreck The job Eric Hyman has done since he’s been at USC This … Continue reading

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Tune in for TRC Unleashed Tonight at 6:30!

That’s right, it’s time for another episode of TRC Unleashed.  Tonight, in Episode 19, we cover some of the events and stories of the past week, including:  The horror story that our basketball program has become. What will become of Darrin … Continue reading

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