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The Graduate Transfer Program is a Load of Crap

Greyson Lambert, a graduate transfer from the University of Virginia, looked a lot like Tom Brady Saturday night while lighting up the Gamecocks like a Christmas tree. Like UGA, the Gamecocks have a graduate transfer (Isaiah Johnson) starting for them … Continue reading

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To the Residents of Gamecock Hateville

A lot of fans of South Carolina athletics live in Hateville, a place that exists in cyberspace where mostly anonymous fans spend their time and efforts thinking up negative things to say about the teams they otherwise cheer for on a … Continue reading

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The Gamecock Defense – A Reality Check

South Carolina was bad on defense this year. Check that, South Carolina was very bad on defense this year. It’s pretty clear to the entire fan base that a bad defense caused this team to finish 6-6 rather than 9-3 or 10-2.  … Continue reading

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By Any Means Necessary

Before anyone suggests this is a sour grapes blog post by an excuse-making Gamecock fan, let’s get one thing out of the way: Clemson beat us Saturday fair and square. They were the better team and deserved to win. It’s true and … Continue reading

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Frank Martin: My Take

Tons of hot takes flowed on Twitter when the suspension of Frank Martin was handed down for verbally abusing Duane Notice. And the situation will bubble to the surface again when the SEC Basketball Tournament starts this week in Atlanta … Continue reading

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The Spin, Excuse and Insult Zone: The Noisy Aftermath of the Fivepeat

Since the Fivepeat became a reality, many Clemson* fans have sucked it up and admitted the obvious: that they were beaten, again, by the better team. There are certainly some reasonable and rational Clemson* folks out there who understand that … Continue reading

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How the SEC Changed the South Carolina-Clemson Universe

With the comet Ison streaking through our solar system, I thought it an appropriate time to write a little about the current universe that is South Carolina – Clemson* football. In the last week or so I’ve heard a lot of talk … Continue reading

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Anatomy of “The Drive”: Gamecock Version

In football lore, it is known simply as “The Drive”. It was the 1987 AFC Championship Game between the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos. Down by a touchdown with 5:32 left to play, John Elway led the Broncos on a 15-play, 98-yard drive to tie the game … Continue reading

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Gamecocks Have Seized Control of This Rivalry

The worm has turned…big time. Yeah, we know that’s pretty obvious to most based on the winning streak and all, but we eternal pessimists at TRC occasionally need some convincing. Why? As lifelong Gamecocks fans, it’s sometimes hard for us … Continue reading

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Darth Visor: The Empire (Emperor?) Strikes Back

If there was any shred of doubt left, last night cemented that the HBC has clearly regained his swagger.  Last night’s weekly call-in show – normally a dry, coachspeak preview of this week’s opponent interspersed with sometimes imbecilic fan questions – provided Coach a public … Continue reading

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