TRC Unleashed Episode 42 – Talkin’ Hoops with the Captain

We don’t always talk about basketball on TRC Unleashed, but when we do we like to bring in our top insider, the Captain Carey Rich. Captain joins us on this episode to talk about the impact Frank Martin has had so far on the South Carolina program.  We discuss the difficult season we’ve been through so far, but then talk about brighter the brighter days ahead for Carolina basketball.

We also talk about some of the talent upgrades we have coming our way, including recruit Sindarius Thornwell and Villanova transfer Tyrone Johnson, and how different this team may look going into 2013-14. The Captain also gives us an interesting opinion on the future of Bruce Ellington in regards to football and/or basketball.

You have to trudge through about 15 minutes of typical Buck/Tbone/Gman rambling, but trust us, this interview is worth listening to. Carey Rich knows Carolina basketball inside and out, and it shows.

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TRC Unleashed Episode 39 – Fourpeat Edition

We’ve been so lazy with our postings this season. So, so very lazy. And as much as we enjoyed the latest Clemson beatdown, we have failed to put it into the written word. But the spoken word? It’s right here, and like Saturday night’s game, it is glorious. We cover:

  • How our pessimism makes these victories even sweeter
  • The legendary performance of Dylan Thompson
  • The legend of J.D. Clowney
  • Thompson is from Boiling Scrings?
  • A salute to the Seniors

For some unknown reason we don’t cover that fact that Steve Spurrier is now the winningest football coach in South Carolina history. What the hell is wrong with us?

Anyway, gloat along with us won’t you? (click the graphic to listen)

TRC Unleashed Episode 38 – Clemson Preview

TRC Unleashed has it all – if you’re definition of all is actually very little. We discuss the Wofford game and how it got us into this funk in the first place, and we talk about what it will take to whip the CTU Tigers for the fourth year in a row.

Plus, we do a little time travel to lend some perspective to the quarterbacking situation, plus there are a record number of Twitter mentions in this episode.  See if you can count them all! (We were to lazy to.)

Enjoy! (click graphic to listen)

TRC Unleashed Episode 37 – REVENGE IS SOMETHING Edition

TRC Unleased returns with a jumbo episode in reviewing the Arkansas game. Some of the topics:

  • Equestrian team – hot chicks with money that ride horses, check
  • Connor Shaw and his bum foot
  • Freshman contributions – Davis, Adams and Roland
  • D.J. Swearinger BOOM
  • The greatest kickoff ever
  • The Venezuelan Vortex Michael Carerra
  • You have to play D to play for Frank Martin
  • Clemson de-committed from Robert Nkemdiche because that’s how much they care for him.

Listen up folks, it’s a power packed show.

(Click the graphic to listen.)

TRC Unleashed Episode 36 – The Bye Week Podcast

Although it was a bye week, there’s always something to talk about when it comes to Gamecock football, even if it involves manufacturing a quarterback controversy.

We discuss that and so much more as Connor Tapp from the Half Cocked Show podcast joins us. (We tried to sucker him into saying bad things about the Feathered Warrior, but he wouldn’t fall for it.)

Listen up!


TRC Unleashed Episode 35 – The Marcus Podcast

We do talk about a couple of things non-Marcus related, but they’re not really relevant.

So listen up…

TRC Unleashed Episode 34 – The Florida Game

Sorry for no Snap Judgments today. I had to DVR the game due to prior obligations yesterday, and let’s just say I didn’t watch much of the second half, so I didn’t feel qualified to make too many judgments without watching the whole game.

However, we did judge many and judge harshly on the latest edition of TRC Unleashed. It’s probably the most feisty episode of TRCU ever, and resulted in the Bucksterr “accidentally” deleting some audio about halfway through.

Among other things, we discuss how turnovers kill, how our special teams still stink, and how we can maybe salvage a little joy out of this season.

I’ve always said conflict makes for the best radio, so listen up, we think you’ll enjoy this edition.

TRC Unleashed – Episode 30 – Spurrier/Morris II

TRC Unleashed tackles football – as in a USC vs. Missouri recap and a USC vs. Kentucky preview, as well as what else has been going on in the SEC.

We also take our first two Twitter questions ever, which leads us to telling you exactly how you should feel about Spurrier/Morris II – The Thrilla in the Media Room.

Oh, and This Week in Dabo.

Click the graphic. Enjoy.

TRC Unleashed – Episode 29 – The Hits Just Keep on Comin’

TRC Unleashed covers the DJ Swearinger suspension controversy, how the SEC has opened Pandora’s Box, and where college football is headed as they deal with these kinds of hits.

Also, we look ahead with some shallow analysis of Missouri and tell you what you can expect on Saturday, and of course we bring you up to speed (get it, speed?) on what’s going on in the upstate with our THIS WEEK IN DABO segment.

Finally, Tbone named BeastBoard, and we challenge anyone to tell us differently.

Click the graphic, and enjoy!

TRC Unleashed Episode 28 – The ECU Game

The Unleashed crew reviews the 48-10 victory over East Carolina, and gives effusive praise to Dylan Thompson and…wait, is this right? Jimmy Legree? OK, if you say so.

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