TRC Year One Retrospective – The Best of Tbone

The one-year anniversary of The Rubber Chickens Blog is Friday, July 29.   We thank each and every one of you for coming by to read our blog and follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook.  It’s been a fun year, and we’ve really enjoyed having TRC as a creative outlet to write about Gamecock sports and a few other things.

We realize we have new followers all the time, so we decided to choose some of the top posts from the past year in case you missed them (and yes, also to pat ourselves on the back a little).  First up, I’ll pick some of my favorites from the Tbone archives.

Your first look at Tbone. I know, exactly what you expected.

Tbone is an intellect, quite scholarly, and I’ve warned him a couple of times that he might lose some of our fan base (namely me) with his use of big words and faux poems from William Carlos Williams (I still don’t know who this dude is).  I admit I try to have open when I read a new Tbone post, just in case. 

He has brought us memes like the Sunday Night Snark, Graphic Explanations, and TRC the Magazine.  Tbone invented the acronym CTU (he hates them more than anyone I know) and also specializes in bad Photoshop jobs.

Here are some of Tbone’s greatest hits: