A Tigris Miscellany

Reports that WCCP’s Will Merritt took to the airwaves yesterday and opined that backup QB and latest CTU Savior Will Proctor Willy Korn Kyle Parker Taj Boyd “took over the game” in last week’s 29-7 beatdownof the Tigers sent those of us at TRC back to the game tape for verification. Witness our discoveries:

‘Ownage’ is obviously a malleable term, yet our understanding of the concept doesn’t involve negative rushing yards, multiple turnovers, and a goose egg in the points column.  But to each his own, we always say.

Speaking of Tigers, the Auburn varietals are apparently in full bloom this time of the year. While they have a noxious odor following them, and promise to soon be pruned back significantly, they are still good for occasional displays of crass bravado and unintended irony. Witness this cringe-worthy moment:

We too are aghast, but not in the way you intended

Yes, gentle reader, that is erstwhile professional athlete, and son of a preacherman, Cameron Newton preening along side well-know hitman Nick Fairley in the wake of their improbable come-from-behind victory in the Iron Bowl.  The irony is, of course, that the rest of America has born similiar expressions of incredulity while reading about the exploits of these two players (the words “student-athletes” will not, in this context, make it past my editing software for some reason).

Finally, and only slightly related to the genus Panthera,but has anyone noticed the Person Effect?  You know the Person Effect, don’t you? Its the phenomenon whereby any sporting team covered by former gamecock beatwriter Joe Person suffers dismally through its season. He left the Gamecock beat shortly after drudging up the Whitney Hotel fiasco, and then moved on to cover the once-promising Carolina Panthers. You see where I’m heading with this one (the rooster crows and the sun comes up), but still YOU WERE WARNED CHARLOTTE, YOU WERE WARNED!