TRC Unleashed – Episode 29 – The Hits Just Keep on Comin’

TRC Unleashed covers the DJ Swearinger suspension controversy, how the SEC has opened Pandora’s Box, and where college football is headed as they deal with these kinds of hits.

Also, we look ahead with some shallow analysis of Missouri and tell you what you can expect on Saturday, and of course we bring you up to speed (get it, speed?) on what’s going on in the upstate with our THIS WEEK IN DABO segment.

Finally, Tbone named BeastBoard, and we challenge anyone to tell us differently.

Click the graphic, and enjoy!


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A writer whose facts may not always be correct, but whose opinions based on those facts are.
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4 Responses to TRC Unleashed – Episode 29 – The Hits Just Keep on Comin’

  1. Hey t-bone! The jerk store called. You’re their number one seller! #NubNamedIt

  2. Really enjoy listening to these, good job guys. Keep it up.

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