TRC Unleashed – Episode 27 – A Win is a Win (Vanderbilt)

TRC Unleashed returns with a fancy new format that makes the gang sound like they’re broadcasting from a hallway instead of from a jetway. Regardless, you can hear what they say just fine, and if you click below you’ll get to hear a recap of the Gamecocks’ performance at Vanderbilt on Thursday night, what we can expect from the rest of the conference, and what Dabo was up to this weekend.

Click the graphic and enjoy!

TRC Unleashed – Episode 26 – The Vandy Preview

TRC drops a surprise podcast on you this week to help you prepare for all things Vandy.  We discuss:

  • Why we shouldn’t be worried about Vandy
  • Why we should be worried about Vandy
  • And finally, why we shouldn’t be worried about Vandy
  • In addition, THIS WEEK IN DABO!!!

Plus, we all choose our breakout performer this year for the Gamecocks and somehow the name Shaq Roland doesn’t pass any of our lips.

Good thing we never had any credibility in the first place, huh?

Listen up! You won’t regret it.

TRC Unleashed Episode 25 is Here

If you missed it live last night, you can catch the historic 25th episode of TRC Unleashed right here.  On it the TRC staff give there impressions of the first couple of weeks of fall practice and give a high-level breakdown of the offense, defense and special teams. 

Later in the show they review a slow Week in Dabo, and discuss the suspension of Sammy Watkins and dismissal of the Tyronne Mathieu (sigh, ok, the Honey Badger) from LSU. 

TRC Unleashed Episode 24 is Here

Click here to listen to Episode 24 of TRC Unleashed.  We get all serious on you for the first half of the show, but return to our idiot selves before it’s over, so don’t fret.  In this episode we discuss:

  • The passing of former head coach Jim Carlen
  • The brutal situation in State College, PA
  • A highly uneventful SEC Media Days
  • A talented group of USC players that made preseason all-SEC
  • This Week in Dabo

Now that football season is drawing near, these shows will become more frequent, so you might as well start getting used to our annoying voices now…

TRC Unleashed – Episode 21 is in the Books

The TRC crew returned with Unleashed – Episode 21, and covered among other things:

  • The hiring of Frank Martin
  • Adding Kansas State to the list of schools/places that suck (along with CTU)
  • Eric Hyman props
  • Some in-depth spring practice observations (I’m not kidding)
  • This week in Dabo
  • If Cheech Marin has been added as a coach at UGA

Listen up!  It’s a good episode, I’m not kidding about that either.


TRC Unleashed – Episode 19 is Here!

TRC Unleashed, Episode 19 recovered from a depressing start to finish strong on Monday night.  Topics included:

  • The basketball program and where we are with that train wreck
  • The job Eric Hyman has done since he’s been at USC
  • This week in Dabo (complete with new sounder!)
  • The loss of Coach Fitzgerald
  • Coming down the stretch in recruiting

It’s fun, join in!


TRC Unleashed – Episode 17 is Here

Click here to listen to TRC Unleashed Episode 17 with special guest “B” from #TeamGarcia!  We walk all over each other for much of the podcast, but we had a great time and we think you will too.

What were the topics? Heck, we don’t remember, if you listen shoot us an email and let us know.

We do know you can find out why Tbone’s new nickname is Coco…

TRC Unleashed Episode 16 IS HERE

If you’re working today, we know you’re not really working. If you’re not working today, we know your still in your pajamas. So, that being the case why don’t you give a listen to the final TRC Unleashed of 2011. You’ll hear our take on the newly released 2012 schedule, Buck’s take on the “win anyway” crowd, a preview of the upcoming Cap One Bowl, and our top moments of 2011 in Gamecock sports.

Happy New Year’s folks!

TRC Unleashed – Episode 15 Archive is Now Available

We know you folks that didn’t get to listen live to TRC Unleashed last night have been fretting about when the archived show would be ready, and HERE IT IS.  Your fearless hosts talked about the basketball team’s victory over CTU, Carolina’s bowl situation, and that coach in the upstate that thinks USC stands for something besides the school that owns him.


TRC Unleashed – Lucky Episode 13 is HERE

We know you guys aren’t very busy at work this week, so we invite you to pass the time by listening to TRC Unleashed – Episode 13. We talk about the highs and lows from the Citadel game, give our thoughts on the upcoming game against CTU and talk about the Gamecocks’ likely bowl destination.