TRC Unleashed Episode 39 – Fourpeat Edition

We’ve been so lazy with our postings this season. So, so very lazy. And as much as we enjoyed the latest Clemson beatdown, we have failed to put it into the written word. But the spoken word? It’s right here, and like Saturday night’s game, it is glorious. We cover:

  • How our pessimism makes these victories even sweeter
  • The legendary performance of Dylan Thompson
  • The legend of J.D. Clowney
  • Thompson is from Boiling Scrings?
  • A salute to the Seniors

For some unknown reason we don’t cover that fact that Steve Spurrier is now the winningest football coach in South Carolina history. What the hell is wrong with us?

Anyway, gloat along with us won’t you? (click the graphic to listen)