Buckshots: 2007 Gamecock Flashback

2007 Gamecock Football Media Guide
2007 Gamecock Football Media Guide

This series of audio blog posts recapping every season since 1987 were originally posted prior to the 2013 season and are sponsored by our friends at Blue Moon Disk.

The 2007 Gamecock football season started off fine enough – 6-1 through seven games with a win over 11th-ranked Georgia. But we knew something was wrong in the second half of that North Carolina game. You know, kind of like when your car starts to rattle in an odd way but you choose to ignore it because it might cost you money and then you wind up losing to Vanderbilt at home 17-6. Yeah, just like that.

From that point on the car was not only rattling, the wheels were coming off and the engine was in flames. A five-game losing streak to end the season had us scratching our heads at where this whole Steve Spurrier thing was going.

It was not a pleasant time, but again, it was a season that molded and shaped us into who we are today. (I think I’ve used that line on my kids maybe?)

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