TRC 8/14 Practice Report – We Named Our Potted Plant

From practice today: no new QB news. Nobody got hurt. Players are still working hard and battling for positions. And, um, we need to fill some space so…

Potted Plant

This is Wallace.  I’m not big on naming plants, but my wife read somewhere that giving the plant a name and talking to it somehow makes it healthier. Yeah, I know, COO COO! COO COO!

Regardless, Wallace lives in my sun room.  Wallace sits there all day looking around the room and out the window.  Wallace is pleasant sort, never bothers anyone or anything.  Today was typical for Wallace as he hung around and observed the mundane goings on at the Gman residence.

Things picked up some in the afternoon when Mrs. Gman stopped by for a chat and some watering.  She plucked a few dead leaves off Wallace and carefully introduced just the right amount of water to keep him looking vibrant and alive.  Wallace was satisfied and happy.

Wallace isn’t expecting much to change tomorrow, but things might get interesting if a storm shows up.  Wallace is not fond of storms.

Go Cocks.