TRC 8/13 Practice Report: Update on Chyler’s Birthday Balloon

Balloon imageNot much in the way of news from today’s Gamecock preseason football practice.  No big surprise, right? But there was big news from Chyler Leonard’s seventh birthday party  over in Ladson, South Carolina, where attendees were amazed at the apparent indestructabilty of the “Happy Birthday” balloon his grandma/legal guardian’s boyfriend bought for him at the Family Dollar.

“Chyler’s been beating on that thing for an hour with a plastic golf club, and it just keeps squirting away” said neighbor Dale Kay.  “I figured he’d pop it even before his uncle blew out his birthday candles for him.  Or wait, is Chyler HIS uncle.”

Family tree drama notwithstanding, the balloon at issue is still inflated as of the publication of this article, albeit now floating mere inches above the indoor/outdoor carpet on the back porch of the Quincy (née Leopard) singlewide home place.

Check back tomorrow for more Gamecock practice updates.

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  1. Best Spring Football practice reporting in the industry from any news agency with the word “Chicken” in its name. Worth every penny I pay for it!

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