Foto Friday: The TRC T is Here

Just in time for the holidays.
Just in time for the holidays.

We know how this looks, since our friendly rivals over at Half Cocked launched their apparel line several weeks ago. But we have been literally talking about this for years, so you’ll have to take our word for it that they have obviously been tracking us with drones and stealing our ideas. And maybe plotting to kill us. Either way we’ve got our heads on swivels.

Anyhooooooo, the TRC t-shirt is now available for your wearing pleasure, available in gray OR white, and maybe in your size. The shirts feature the Buck-designed TRC button on the front*, with the name of our podcast, “Unleashed”, underneath. 

And on the back…aw, man, the back…is our web address written in a very wacky and unconventional way that has quite possibly never been thought of.  WE ARE SO COOL PLEASE LOVE US.

*We don’t have a fancy professional designer willing to do pro bono work for us like some people. Actually, my wife is a fancy professional designer but she refuses to do work “that doesn’t contribute to our bottom line and encourages your obsession with that stupid &?*%$# website”. (Her words not mine.) 

3 thoughts on “Foto Friday: The TRC T is Here

  1. The tshirt model sucks. And apparently doesn’t have a head.

    Do we not have the horsepower to get someone hot and hip like @bclickclack to model one for us?

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