BuckShots 1: March Madness and (No) Gamecocks

The deal is this – a combination of extremely busy lives and extreme apathy have led to a dearth of blog posts on therubberchickensblog.com in recent months.  So in an effort to remain somewhat relevant, to get some things off our chest, and maybe to even innovate a little bit, we introduce a new audio blog post concept we (I) call BuckShots.

BuckShots will be short – between 5-10 minutes – audio segments that take a lot less time to put on the site than an actual written blog post would.  (OK, add laziness to the first sentence as well.)  The initial BuckShots was recorded on the way home from work today, and discusses my love for the NCAA tournament and hate for South Carolina’s mind-boggling lack of appearances therein over the last 30 years.

Click the graphic to listen. Hope you enjoy.Print