Do The Right Thing Penn St. — Suspend Football

The contents of the Freeh Report on Penn State have me pretty fired up.  The fact that the future state of the PSU football program is even being discussed at this point in time sickens me.

Penn St. should not wait around to see if the NCAA determines it has jurisdiction and, if so, what penalties it would impose.  Those pondering whether or not the NCAA can impose the death penalty or other penalties against the PSU football program are missing the much larger point, which is the fact that the transgressions committed by Sandusky and the powers who oversaw the football program concern matters much more important than college football and the rules that govern it.

Football is a game that we enjoy watching.  Child rape and the enabling of child rape is an offense so egregious and so incredibly heinous that it offends humanity itself.  To show that it understands that the preservation of its football program and the legacy of a coach pale in comparison to the duty of mankind to protect its children from horrific monsters, PSU should voluntarily, and immediately, shut the football program down for one season.

Such an action would show the public at large that PSU comprehends the enormity of the failures of its institution, and that it is willing to self-administer a sanction that symbolically demonstrates a sacrifice of the very thing the cover up was attempting to preserve.

After all, Penn St. is an institution of higher learning.  Shouldn’t an institution of higher learning faced with a crisis of this magnitude go to every length possible, even to extraordinary ones if necessary, to preserve its integrity, and its commitment to the population at large?  At this somber time, football should be the very least of the concerns of the people at Penn St.  To put what matters in perspective, PSU should take a self-imposed hiatus from football.

Anything less tells the world that they still don’t understand.

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  1. My father always told me that no matter how painful the immediate consequences might be, you will never look back on your life and regret doing “the right thing.” This is such an opportunity for PSU leadership.

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