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“UGA Player Put Hashbrowns in Her Pants”

I thought pretty hard about a headline for this story, but then the realization hit me that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and sometimes you just shouldn’t screw with a great headline.  And folks, this is an all-timer: Now, this … Continue reading

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Alshon’s Great Disappearing Act

No matter the knocks on Alshon Jeffery over the course of the past year – too fat, too slow, can’t separate – Gamecock fans, including myself, have always considered #1 a lock for the first round fo the NFL Draft.  … Continue reading

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Two for Tuesday

Witness new UNC head man, Larry Fedora, react to a couple of junior commitments (video from Two Things here: 1.  Has Fedora gone full-blown Dabo?  Is this the new template for the behavior of a head coach?  If so, … Continue reading

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The Garnet Army of One

When Darrin Horn came to South Carolina as head basketball coach, he brought a youthful energy to a stale program.  Exactly what you would expect a youthful coach to do, right?  To his credit he got the students involved, and … Continue reading

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We Have No Objection, Your Honor.

Have you ever been in a courtroom to watch a guilty plea hearing? It’s a tension-filled environment, and for many reasons. But I can tell you from personal experience (as a PROFESSIONAL – geeze, people!) that much of the tension felt … Continue reading

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A Quick Tribute to The Jake

Word came down yesterday that Jake Williams would not be a part of the 2012 Gamecock baseball team.  The vague and speculation-fueling “personal reasons” was given.  Whatever the case may be, we owe Jake a hearty Thank You for the … Continue reading

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Big Thanks to Baseball America (Again)

Baseball America’s Preseason 2012 College All-Star Teams are out and guess who’s NOT on the First, Second, or Third teams?  That’s right – two time College World Series hero, 2011 National ERA leader (1.10), and post-season BA first-team All-American, Michael Roth. Based … Continue reading

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TRC Caption Contest

Actual, non-retouched, screencap from the website of our favorite, loveable, CTU Head Cheerleader. Please provide your own caption:

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Ask TRC: The Case of the Addled AD

As a new feature of TRC, and because the college sports world is dead as a doornail at the moment, we have decided to sift through the thousands of hundreds of dozens of email question we received this week and … Continue reading

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Things That Are Kinda Like Other Things

You know what would be a bad idea?  A really, really BAD idea? Trying to foist a football rivalry on two schools that have only played each other a couple/three times and are separated by almost 900 miles, that’s a … Continue reading

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