TRC Unleashed Episode 9 is Here for Your Listening Pleasure

In case you missed TRC Unleashed – Episode 9 last night, check out the archived episode. As a matter of fact, check out all fo the archived episodes. It’s kind of like buying DVD’s of the first five seasons of Lost to find out why everyone was so wound up about the final season. 

But then again, it’s not like that, because the end of our show would never be that much of a letdown.

Anyhoo, in this week’s episode we covered:

  • Connor Shaw 2.0
  • Offensive continuity (finally!)
  • Running up the score and how good it feels
  • Marcus Lattimore is getting too many not enough carries
  • Something our defense hasn’t done since 1987
  • Our Rubber Chicken Awards for the week

So listen up, you won’t be disappointed.*

*Should not be construed as a guarantee. We guess it’s possible you could be disappointed, but if so then that’s a YOU problem, because the show is genius. We love you either way.