Totally Unsourced Photo, but Hilarious Nonetheless

"This is Tennessee Football", signed Lane Kiffin /runs for nearest exit

UPDATE!!!:  Through the work of our crack team of investigatory correspondents, we here at TRC have verified the authenticity of the above photo, and can also report that UT Head Coach Derek Dooley uses this catchphrase often.  Below we offer photographic evidence of six other documented instances of the same or similar phrase.  Note the actual quotes will follow the photo montage:

Quotes from Coach Dooley (clockwise from top, left):

1.  As I often tell our players, “Opportunity is Nowhere.”  Next question, please.

2.  [thinking] Where was Opportunity again?  With thirteen players in there for goal-line D, it might be Nowhere.

3.  Opportunity walks into a bar with Nowhere on its head.  Bartender says “What’s with you, bub?”  Nowhere says “Eh, having a bad day, ’cause I got Opportunity stuck to my ass.”  Hello?  Is this thing on?

4.  I get this call from Opportunity, so I ask it:  Where are you?  You know what it tells me?  It says “Nowhere.”  Next question, please.

5.  You see this space between my hands, men?  This is Nowhere.  And that is where your Opportunity is.  OK? Opportunity is Nowhere on three!

6.  “GOODSWEETFANCYMOSESDANGNABIT, Do you think you’ve got an Opportunity, son?  Well, with play like that, I’ll tell you where your Opportunity is – ITS NOWHERE!