TRC Unleashed, Episode 2 – That’s a Wrap

In case you missed the live podcast last night, the show is archived here:

TRC Unleashed – Episode 2

Topics covered include:

  • Does Miami deserve the death penalty?  Would you party with Nevin Shapiro?
  • Scrimmage report from the Gman, who says calm down, the offense will be just fine.
  • Gman and Tbone tell everyone to chill on the Clowney expectations, while I refuse to chill.
  • The legacy of Steve Spurrier heading into year seven.

Give a listen, and give us some feedback.  We’ll be back at it next Sunday.




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2 Responses to TRC Unleashed, Episode 2 – That’s a Wrap

  1. Tom Cannon says:

    Is there any way to subscribe to the podcast via rss feed or download it? It may be obvious how to do that but I’m missing it.

    Thoroughly enjoy the blog. Looking forward to the podcast.

  2. tbone says:


    There is a “follow” button under the TRC logo on our blogtalkradio page. That should do it.

    Thanks for the kind words, btw

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