The Gman Report





Attended the scrimmage this morning as a correspondent for TRC.  All in all, the scrimmage was pretty dull.  Not much to see.  The 1’s didn’t get much work.  21 carried the ball in the goal line drills against the #1 D but did not run in the main scrimmage at all.  Never saw Alshon in the actual scrimmage either.  Garcia ran with the 2nd team receivers and O-Line in the scrimmage but
did not fare too well.
Here are my general observations of practice in general, including the scrimmage (which was short):
1.  Feel better about the kicking game after seeing the kickers.  Scribner Howard has a huge leg and is the obvious choice at punter in my opinion.  Fish kicked the ball consistently lower and shorter.  Fish is a little bit more consistent but S-H looks like he could be a great punter with a little more practice.  Wooten is the clear choice at FG kicker.  He’s smooth, get’s good elevation on his kicks, and just looks like a college kicker.  He kicked off better than the other candidates as well.  5 and 9 are the primary punt
returners and they caught everything.  36 was the deep man on kickoffs and he busted the first one for about 40 yards.
2.  The WR and DL positions are the strengths of this team, along with 21 of course.  Was very impressed by the young WR’s.  8 (Shamir) looks like a freak athletically.  He looks great in drills and you can tell that he knows how to get separation when the ball is in flight.  3 (Byrd) is polished and quick as a dart.  Runs good routes and catches well.  He and Garcia hooked up twice in the
scrimmage.  80 (Brent) looks good as well.  He’s faster than I expected.  24 (Ellington) did not do much.  They ran a reverse with him once and it went for a 10 yard loss.  As for the DL, those guys are beasts.  6 (Ingram) could not be blocked today.  7 (JC) is as advertised-super quick and strong.  In the scrimmage he had a sack and a TFL where he shed the tackle and stuffed the back
right at the point of the handoff.
3.  I really enjoyed watching 7 (Carson) and 22 (Wilds) run.  Carson is good compliment to 21 as he is cat quick and shifty. 22 is a tough north south guy with surprising moves.  He’s about the same size as 21. I see why the staff wanted both these guys.  They were underrated coming out of HS in my opinion.
4.  You will notice that I’m writing a lot about the new guys as that’s who I focused on (and that’s who played most of the snaps).  A. Christian (the other #1) is a player.  He had a great pick (elevated to take a jjump ball away) in the drills and almost had another one later.  He just looks like a cornerback.  Looked like he is the aggressive type.  Gilmore looked good with a pass break
up and tight coverage.
5.  Shaw did not play.  Garcia looked impressive in the goal like 7 on 7 drills.  He hit on about 5 consecutive passes for TD’s including a couple to Alshon.  19 (McElvoy) is one big QB.  He looked like freshman-a little confused on some plays.  He showed some good touch at times.
6.  All in all the D was pretty dominant in the actual scrimmage.  I think this had to do with who was playing more than anything else.
End of Report