Keep Your Stinkin’ Logo

It these two logos confuse you . . . then you are stupid


Word came down yesterday that the United States Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of the University of South Carolina in its dispute with the University of Southern California over the use of the interlocking ‘SC’ logo.

Now I’m man enough to admit that this smarts a little.  It makes me want to point out that our USC was founded in 1801, and their USC only came along some 79 years later.  I could also add that the other USC wasn’t always known as the Trojans, instead being called the Fighting Methodists until they got crushed in a track meet in 1912.  After their track and field debacle, a local reporter compared them to other losers from history, and settled on the wife-stealing and horse-loving men of Troy.  This is a true story.

I could mention those things, but I think I’ll show some restraint and civility by pointing out a few areas where SC (the horse-lovers, not us) have excelled:

- Works in metallurgy: Until recently, none of us knew that the prize bronze trophy of the Downtown Athletic Club could spontaneously vaporize.

– Works of Rarity: A home loss to the Washington Huskies: an unknown commodity in even the finesse (read ‘feminine’) conference called the PAC 10.

– Works of Cutlery: Orenthal James Simpson.  Nuff Said.

– Excellence in Head Coach Douchery:  see Carroll, Pete and Kiffikins, Lame supra

– Works of Protection [insert your own male prophylactic brand reference here]

– Works of Encouragement: the Virginia Cavaliers (fiiii - nesse!) now believe they are a good football team.

Oh, and SCOREBOARD.  We can keep calling scoreboard until we meet on the gridiron again.  Granted the last time was 1983, but the score was 38-14 Gamecocks. 

Maybe we could meet up in a bowl game in the next couple of years?

Oh, wait.


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