Reasons, We Got Your Reasons Here!

So ESPN’s Gameday chose Alabama/Carolina in Columbia over Michigan/Michigan State in Ann Arbor.    A state of general hysteria followed, with many (up north) questioning the decision.  Saturday Down South, an excellent SEC blog weighed in with five good reasons for the decision.

We would like to add five more strong reasons to their list:

#6 Early morning Ann Arbor tailgating temps.

#7 Possibility of running into Ric Flair is significantly higher in Cola.

#8 Neither ‘wolverines’ nor ‘spartans’ can be ‘accidently’ shortened into an FCC infraction.

#9 Catherine Bell is currently somewhere in the State of South Carolina filming ‘Army Wives’. Late night hookup COULD happen.

#10 Steve Spurrier’s visor toss = ratings gold.