Guest Post: Garcia and Spurrier Need to Hug

With the off-week crawling past us, we at TRC traded posts with other Gamecock bloggers around the ‘Net.  This one is brought to you by Leftover Hotdog, a blog that provides some of the best content we’ve seen.  Check it (the post) and them (the blog) out.
Four games into the South Carolina Gamecocks 2010 season and the ‘Cocks are sitting at 3-1 (1-1 SEC) with a legitimate shot at the SEC East division title.  There is plenty of football to be played but without a doubt the Gamecocks have a serious chance this year to make some noise in the SEC race.
The usual suspects in the SEC East title hunt – Florida, Tennessee and Georgia – are having trouble this season and are sitting vulnerable for a team like USC to capitalize on the opportunity.  Much has been written on what they have to do and it boils down to winning the Arkansas game in most scenarios then beating Florida.  It can be done but what has to happen first is for Coach Steve Spurrier and USC qb Stephen Garcia to get on the same page.
The last 12 months, Coach Spurrier has rode Garcia like a donkey in the Grand Canyon.  From telling him to “bull his way” for extra yards to changing that stance recently and pleading for Garcia to slide.  In between that, there have been the publicly vocal complaints that Garcia holds the ball too long, his timing is off, he doesn’t check his receivers’ right, too much scrambling and etc etc as this list could go on and on.  The point is Spurrier is trying to coach his quarterback up by being critical and choosing to make the thinking public.
It is agreed that Garcia has his flaws but to his credit he has gotten better over the last two seasons.  Let’s be honest here, a quarterback under Spurrier will never play good enough.  Garcia does have areas to improve and surely Garcia feels the same without someone telling him.  One thing is for certain and that is Garcia is the best choice for the football team in 2010 under center.
Garcia is ranked 16th in pass efficiency nationally (161.62).  He is 56-81 in passing that has resulted in 5 TDS and 743 yards.  He does have some blemishes and that is 2 INTs / 2 fumbles.  Along with the passing is the fact he also has two rushing TDs.
Garcia can win and can lead this team.  Spurrier knows it.  The Head Ball Coach needs to change his philosophy with Garcia and publicly give Garcia a hug.  Stop the bashing and hug it out.
Spurrier is a little old school in the fact of calling players out and what not.  That is one way to handle the situation but another way is through encouragement.
A hug can go a long way and is what is needed right now with the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide coming to town.  By the act of a public hug, the page can be turned on this rocky relationship and focus on taking USC down a new path in the SEC.