Sunday Night Snark – Labor Day Edition

Childrens' Show, or SEC Opening Opponents?

– Texas A&M admits it – they were scared away from joining the SEC because of the level of competition. Further proof that the SEC is the premier conference in the land (recent FCS faceplants notwithstanding).

– Florida had Tebow. Tebow left. Tebow apparently took Florida’s heart away with him, cause its gone, baby gone. Or maybe Florida gave their heart to Maurice Mike Pouncey, and he snapped it over the quarterback’s head so high that it was never seen again.

– Elsewhere in the SEC this weekend, Georgia smacked La La around, Arkansas put the beatdown on Tinky Winky, and Ole Miss inexplicably got punked by Po.

– North Texas defeated CTU 10-35.  The Mean Green exposed the Tigers in multiple ways, and the stats don’t lie:  over 41 minutes in time of possession, a 100 yard rusher, 25 first downs, and 10 different Mean Green players catching a pass.  Apparently a small technicality in the NCAA handbook still allows the Tigers to count this game as a victory, but even the Tigers themselves are realizing how delusional they’ve been.

– Oh, and since its Georgia week, some earlier stuff from the blog you may have missed:  Athens is Drunken Zombieland, and Mark Richt is a Zombiegoob.