Athens is a Party Town, and Other Stuff You Already Knew

In case you missed it, the Princeton Review is out with its list of 2010 biggest party schools and the news is great for SEC fans:  Florida, Ole Miss and UGa all made the top ten.  IN YOUR FACE . . . ACC PEOPLE WHO STUDY,  . . . Uh.

Georgia actually topped the list, which doesn’t suprise me in the least.  I’ve spent a little time in Athens, GA (what with Mrs. Tbone being a Dawg . . . wait, not what I meant, dear), and I can tell you that a little some significant amount collossal buttload of partying goes on within its fair confines.

In a strange way, the Law of Later works in reverse in Athens. You know, The Law of Later, right?  The later it gets, the better he/she looks. Its written in stone(d) somewhere.  Well, in Athens, it works the other way around.  Everyone looks their cute and innocent best when they first hit the tailgate at about 11:00 a.m. on gameday.

Even the Mascot is Wasted

By about 1:00 in the afternoon, they are no longer innocent-looking, and are starting to get rowdy drunk.  By 3:00 p.m., its sloppy time.

By dark, it looks like a zombie flick. 

I’ve seen young, cute, almost-disney-character co-eds morph into screaming blood-sucking banshees by kickoff.  I’ve had them question my manhood, my personhood, my very existence. 

The experience is hard to take.  Its even harder to handle sober.

So thanks, Princeton Review, for stating the obvious.  Next time you’re in Cola, I’ll buy you a drink in a quiet little place called Five Points.


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