TRC Unleashed – Episode 17 is Here

Click here to listen to TRC Unleashed Episode 17 with special guest “B” from #TeamGarcia!  We walk all over each other for much of the podcast, but we had a great time and we think you will too.

What were the topics? Heck, we don’t remember, if you listen shoot us an email and let us know.

We do know you can find out why Tbone’s new nickname is Coco…

2 thoughts on “TRC Unleashed – Episode 17 is Here

  1. Guys,

    I am a very big fan and look forward to each episode of TRC Unleashed. I have to say though last night I was very disappointed. You guys seemed to not really want to do the show or maybe your guest overwelmed you. I would say the next time you have a guest maybe it should just be a one on one show. To much stepping on, interupting, and just seemed total chaos. I am as I said a big fan and am glad not to see a bunch of pumpkins walking around in ORANGE. The only orange I have seen since the bowl game is a couple of oranges in my fridge and of course on ESPN replays because I can’t watch it enough. I thank you guys for a great blog and GO COCKS!

    1. CM – appreciate the feedback, and we definitely recognized the show was sloppy last night. As the producer I take the sole responsibility for that, I made a last minute change and didn’t get a chance to properly prep B from #TeamGarcia on some of the pitfalls of the format (not her fault at all), and T and G had no idea what was going on. Since we’re all in different locations and using cell phones it’s VERY tough to have a normal conversation, which we learned over the first five or so shows we did and I think we got to the point where we don’t step on each other quite as much.

      Last night was an aberration from a production standpoint (hopefully), and that’s all on me. It was definitely seat of the pants and it showed. Although I think having guests in the future is something we want to do, I’ll just need to have a little production meeting with them beforehand.

      Thanks again, we’re glad to have you out there reading and listening!

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