Printable “We Beat You” Cartoon

Admittedly, none of us at TRC are more than moderately adequate at what we do on this blog – writing, graphics, producing a podcast, etc. – but we do try to give our readers what they want. So, with that in mind, below is a more printable version of the “We Beat You” cartoon, with a  PDF link so you can print if from your very own computer. (I did it and it looked fine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you, so good luck.)

If you get a chance to print it out, we’d love to see where you hang it – at home or in the office or maybe even somewhere around Clemson’s* campus – so send us a photo on Twitter at @rubrchickens or send us an email at We’ll re-tweet them all.

Thanks, and again, good luck!

PDF: WeBeatYou Cartoon


5 thoughts on “Printable “We Beat You” Cartoon

  1. i’m a clemson fan & had to laugh at this. so true. after losing 5 years in a row some of us are forced to have a sense of humor about it 🙂

    1. Thank you Beth! You are now our favorite Clemson person ever. Glad you can have fun with it.

  2. Thanks for the printable version. I can’t wait to hang this in my classroom. I work in Alaska and most of my students have never heard of Clemson (they KNOW who the Gamecocks are). THIS IS GREAT!

  3. Is there any chance you are going to be putting this on a t-shirt? I know quite a few fans that would snatch one up if you did.

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