TRC Unleashed Episode 61 – The Capital One Bowl Preview

TRC Unleashed returns after a four-week hiatus to discuss the Capital One Bowl and have a recruiting conversation with Michael Carvell from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Also on the show:

  • The game: excited or not excited
  • Prospects for victory
  • What if Connor Shaw played safety for Wisconsin?
  • Why are we underdogs?
  • What is “blue shirting”?
  • Tbone tells Brandi in grand detail where Jupiter is
  • A hoops update

As a bonus, if you hang around after a short music interlude at the end you’ll hear more intro bloopers.

Click here or click the graphic to listen, and Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “TRC Unleashed Episode 61 – The Capital One Bowl Preview

  1. Usually I look forward to listening to you guys but all this, I am tired of football, we beat Clemson again so let’s just stop the season now…Really, come on Buck and TBone. I can say GMan was still it but you other two are as you said spoiled wusses. If this is the Golden Age of Gamecock football and you guys don’t even care to go bowling? This whole episode should have been a Bowl preview instead of a Bowl bashing. I quit listening when your special recruiting guest came on to write this because I am pissed. If you guys are going to succeed in the blog effort you need to be excited about Carolina football throughout the year which hopefully will continue to include a bowl appearance!

  2. Clapping Monkey – thanks for the feedback. Maybe we should have your rosey sunshine ass on the next episode.

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