Best of the Web: Bobby and Jess

"As you can probably tell, I am thrilled with this development."

It hasn’t been 24 hours yet, and I’m pretty sure that every opinion, tweet, photoshop, gif and blog post has been executed on the Bobby Petrino scandal.  Instead of giving an official stance from TRC…HE’S A BUM AND HE GETS WHAT HE DESERVES HA HA AND I’LL NEVER FORGIVE HIM FOR WHAT HE DID TO THE FALCONS…um, sorry, I guess that kinda gives away my stance…but anyhoo…

This is just the kind of incident that causes the little part of the internet that deals with sports fly off its axis, and makes people act like anything from priests to stand-up comedians, and everything in between.  So here, in case you’ve missed anything, are the best of Bobby and Jess from the last 24 hours:

Will Petrino keep his job?  Probably not.  Just in case I’m already working on a GIF of Gus Malzahn riding into Fayetteville with Tyler Wilson on a feral pig pulling a wagon full of cash.