#C1B – Some Historical Context

[note, #C1B is the twitter hashtag we are INSISTING everyone coalesce around ASAP – its madness out there in the twitteratti.]

South Carolina / Nebraska is not the most – ah hem – shall we say, heated and fresh rivalry out there, so I was pleased to see some video highlights from the last two meetings between the schools (h/t to trucheck on GCC for the links).  I remember listening to both games on the radio and thinking we were gonna win both times.  What?  I was young and foolish.  Geeze, people!

First, the 1987 contest in Lincoln.  Interception city, wasn’t it?  Ellis kept throwing to the Black Shirts, but we were still leading going into the fourth quarter.

Then he threw it to yet another Blackshirt.  Witness:

Then we have the 1986 game, memorable for a great defensive effort and the legendary swaying of the East Upper at Williams Brice.  I think this was the last “swaying” game, as the administration sadly (and wisely) decided to have some remedial engineering work done at the conclusion of this season.  Both fun and apocalyptically dangerous while it lasted, I guess: