The Buck Sweep – Holiday Party Edition

Tusings (Tuesday Musings) is now The Buck Sweep.  Reason #1 is I always hated the name Tusings.  Reason #2 is that name put too much pressure on me to publish on Tuesdays and I always felt a little guilty if I didn’t.  So isn’t it serendipitous that I’m posting this on a Tuesday…

If the TRC team seems unmotivated the last week or so, you’re very perceptive.  The post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas, non-football period is upon us and we’re a little depressed.  Don’t worry, we’ll snap out of it, but in the meantime here are a few things that have been spinning around in the Buckster’s head, beginning with Sammy’s big holiday party!

“Lady with the nicest dress will recieve 100$ to Victoria’s Secret! 100$ Bottles of Anything!”

What could possibly go wrong?!?  Uh, putting Sammy’s name on the flyer, that’s what:


The Carolina Coaching Carousel.  Jay Graham must really love Tennessee.  I mean REALLY love Tennessee.  Yes, it is his alma mater, and there’s something to be said for that.  There’s also something to be said for returning to a division contender (USC) and coaching a potential Heisman trophy candidate (21), neither of which the Vols can claim for 2012.  What the Vols can claim is a coach that’s very much on the hot seat and more instability than they’ve had in decades.  Good luck Jay, no hard feelings.

Also, I hope Junior gets the CCU job, I think it will be good training for him and if he’s successful a good stepping stone for bigger and better things. 

Finally, I sure hope Ellis Johnson stays.  You have to wonder if EJ was hoping to succeed the HBC at USC at some point, but with Spurrier’s latest contract extension maybe sees that window closing.  I feel like he’d do a fine job at USM, but I have a hunch they’ll go with a young hotshot as opposed to an older established guy like EJ.  Bad for him (I guess) and bad for SEC offenses, but certainly good for us.

Shrine On. Three USC wide receiver commitments are having a big week at Shrine Bowl practice. Lexington’s Shaq Roland sounds like the star of the bunch, and will contribute as soon as he steps on campus.  Jody Fuller and Kwinton Smith are having solid camps as well.  But can someone tell me what the heck is the deal with Quinshad Davis? Are we cool on this guy or what? He sounds like a potential star, but USC appears to be in take him or leave him mode.  Kind of like we were with this other kid out of Gaffney a few years ago…what was his name again…oh yeah, Sidney Rice.  

What is Right With Sports, Part 1. Robert Griffin III.  How impressive is this guy?  He’s obviously a great, great college football player.  But after watching the ESPN Heisman megahypefest, you couldn’t help but come away impressed with this kid’s humility, polish and poise.  He talked about what a great day it was for the “Baylor Nation”, and I’m not sure he knows the meaning of “I” or “me” when it comes to his football accomplishments.  Great job parents of RGIII.

What is Right With Sports, Part 2.  Tim Tebow.  That’s right, Tim Tebow.  For all the haters, please tell me what HE has done to make you despise him so much.  I’ll accept being a Florida Gator as an answer, but not much else.  Don’t blame Tebow for what the media has done and is doing to hype him at every turn.  Tebow is working hard, playing football and his team is winning games.  He doesn’t believe the Broncos winning has anything to do with God’s favor, despite what others may say.  Tebow is a great story in what has been a pretty mediocre NFL season.

(On a side note, what’s with people saying “God doesn’t care about a stupid football game, he has bigger things to worry about”?  So, if you believe in God, believe he created the earth, the universe, etc., do you not believe he can multitask? “Ugh, with this Greek financial crisis going on there’s just no way I’ll have time to watch the Bears-Broncos game.”  I’m not saying he favors one team or one player over the other, I’m just saying he’s not bound by human limitations, know what I mean?)

What is Wrong With Sports. Cincinnati-Xavier, that’s what.  Mick Cronin nearly pulled this situation out of the dumpster with an inspired post-game press conference, but then both schools followed it up with light suspensions for borderline criminal behavior.  The fight itself was bad enough, with Cincy’s Yancy Gates throwing cheap haymakers and prancing around like a prize fighter, but the post game comments of Xavier’s Tu Holloway (“we got a whole bunch of gangstas in the locker room”) and Mark Lyons added to the disgrace of the situation.  I know two teams I will NOT be pulling for come March.

See you guys at Sammy’s Christmas party OK?!?

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  1. We offered Davis along with Roland, Smith and Fuller (and others), but only had room for three WR in the class. They committed first, plain and simple.

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