The Second Half Cometh and Other Tusings

A critical stretch of games begins in Starkville this week, but on paper it doesn’t appear to be quite as daunting as it did in late August. The schedule includes:

  • @ Mississippi State – a team with quarterback problems similar to ours, the Bulldogs have failed to capitalize on the momentum they carried into last offseason. An 0-3 start in conference has dashed their hopes of a big season, and the Dan Mullen to (insert school name here) chatter has cooled considerably. Chris Relf will probably get the start, and could potentially give us fits as a runner, but his leash will be very short. We’ll see Tyler Russell, and maybe even Dylan Fahhhhhv-ruh.
  • Bye week – Sweet, I can spend the whole weekend pulling against the teams I despise most. (I’m looking at you, Idaho State.)
  • @ Tennessee – another team not living up to expectations, and will probably continue to not live up to expectations since Tyler Bray is out 4-6 weeks. That said, Neyland has been a house of horrors for us over the years, and not just because we usually play there around Halloween. 
  • @ Arkansas – gulp. The ‘Hogs seemingly found themselves at halftime of the Texas A&M game. Can we win? Sure. But we’ll have to play an almost perfect game.
  • Florida – The Gators got off to a hot start, including a convincing win over the Vols, but proved they are not ready for prime time against Alabama and LSU. With or without John Brantley under center for them, we absolutely have to win this game.
  • The Citadel – Announced attendance – 75,000. Actual attendance – 53,714.
  • Clemson – I’m halfway hoping CTU comes into this game undefeated so we can completely ruin it for them. But my blood pressure will be much lower if they lose before they come to Columbia.

Some other tusings:

BREAKING. As I type this Steve Spurrier’s weekly press conference is going on, and he has refused to speak to the media as long as Ron Morris is in the room. Says he is disassociating himself from Morris for continuing to write that he “poached” Bruce Ellington from the basketball team. A) Ron Morris has a right to write whatever he wants, and The State has a right to publish it. B) Steve Spurrier has a right to not speak to Ron Morris. In any setting. Ever.

Some people are already saying Spurrier handled it wrong and is being childish. Let’s get one thing straight – Spurrier is one stubborn, vindictive bastard that you should not cross.  And as Gamecock fans we should love him for it. (And a warning, none of the press will react kindly to this, so don’t expect it.)

Speaking of pansy-ass reporters. Andrew Miller wishes Spurrier would say something nice about the Gamecocks. Oh, boo hoooooooo. He once again longs to be the beat reporter for CTU where Captain Sunshine is the head coach.

Pat Dye thinks we suck. Well, that’s nice Pat, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But at this point in your life I’d trust your opinion on brown liquor much more readily than your opinion on football.

Memphis AD says they “deserve” to be in the SEC. YES! And then all we have to do is add UT-Chattanooga, Norfolk State and Samford and we’ll have the first 16-team super conference!

Chris Rainey Delusion of the Week Award. And this week’s winner is…Chris Rainey! Yes, you are definitely better than the two teams that beat you by a combined score of 79-21. How can anyone even question it? #delusional

And here’s a link to our Sunday podcast. Don’t make me remind you again!