Down with Ron, Up with Stephen

So that’s that, right?  At this point, everyone is in one of two camps:  You are either 1) with the HBC and against all things Morris, or 2) you subscribe to The State, or support its advertisers, or click on a link to an online State article, or even walk past any State newspaper stand without immediately doing this (ITS A JOKE, SON).

No, let me retreat from the realm of rhetoric and hyperbole, and instead get back to solid, concrete facts, devoid of emotion.  Let me state one irrefutable truth we can all agree on:

To Hell with Ron Morris.

There, now that’s outta the way.  Let’s talk about someone we aren’t so happy to dismiss:

Stephen Freaking Achilles Garcia.

I’m gonna miss him.  I hate that his solid career ended this way.  I’m gonna miss his resilience, his tenacity, his unflinching courage on the football field.  I’m gonna miss those occasional flashes of gridiron brilliance, and I’ll even miss (a little) those other flashes of football idiocy.

He reminded me of me in that he could screw up a sunny day sometimes.  I think he reminded us of all of us.  He was the itch you couldn’t scratch, the dream you couldn’t reach.  Our collective but not-as-of-yet-consummated wholeness incarnate.

A lot of weak-limbed pundits will now take to the airwaves, the interwebs, and the water coolers to sing deviant songs of  bitter joy about his demise.

Don’t join in with that cranky chorus.

Instead wish the best for ol’ #5.  Wish him the best, and have a sincere hope that his future includes many more days where he is as bright as the sun.  More days, on other types of fields perhaps, where he is like this:

To Stephen: Thanks for everything.  Most of us recognize that all your supposed foibles were just regular college guy nonsense, but you insisted on being a regular college guy while playing on the biggest stage in amateur athletics, SEC football.  No surprise it didn’t work out well in the end, is it?

Regardless, now that its all over, get straightened out, and go give ’em hell in whatever you do.

5 thoughts on “Down with Ron, Up with Stephen

  1. :slow clap:

    Bravo. Sums up my feelings much better than I could have done myself.

    Adios #5, thanks for the memories.

    1. Thanks – in all fairness the post came after ten solid minutes of banging my head on the desk and crying “no stephen, nooooooo.”

  2. Can We All really believe what spurrier says is the absolute truth. Carkeya was a kid being a kid that Spurrier hasn’t never liked b/c he knew he couldn’t break Carkeya’s will, and mold him into what he wanted. I’m Clemson through and through. And big daddy coot threw another coot under the bus to try and save face of the way he has handled Carkeya during his whole time at usuc. Carkeya’s career gone badly b/c big daddy coot was done using him up. An absolute shame that big daddy coot is an adult child. Carkeya, you were the first coot QB to beat us twice in 40 years. Your Alum may forget you, Tiger Nation never will… Good job you have done at a usuc University. I hope the best is waiting on you. Pawpower58!!!

    1. In a 24-hour period that has been filled with incoherent ramblings, this is perhaps the most egregious combination of incoherent and ramble I have seen. Congratulations. (And since you’re Clemson through and through, you probably need to get to the clinic ASAP.)

    2. You’re wasting your time, Buck – as the above comment clearly demonstrates, the written word is not the best milieu for the average CTU fan.

      I suggest we instead respond with pictures, and thereby communicate the utter hypocrisy of this poster through a visual medium:



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