Things Readily Apparent (Wherein we say stuff you already knew)

Note to Buck, the second part of the title is meant to be ironic, OK?

While you probably already knew the following:

– Auburn faced South Carolina in the SEC Championship Game last December.  ESPN just learned this yesterday.

– Alshon Jeffrey is kind of a big fella.  EPSN just learned this yesterday.

– The University of Miami is a rogue institution with a cancerous athletic department.  ESPN  just learned this yesterday (the rest of the sports media knew for some time, apparently).

– CTU signs under-sized and over-hyped running backs of questionable intelligence and/or morals (oh and they have all the tenacious endurance of warm playdough.

– Danny Sheridan places bets on the Arbitron numbers for Paul Finebaum’s radio show, and when he’s guessed too high he will go to any length to correct his error.

– Nick Saban and the staff are incredible recruiters.  So much so that they are able to overcome competing recruiters armed with snake oil disguised as religion (cough, CTU, cough), bags-o-cash (cough, Auburn, cough), and prostitutes (I’m not even gonna cough: MIAMI), and despite image-killing weakness such as this:

– Blog posts that only link you to other stories elsewhere on the interwebs should be called “Daily Links of Interest” or “Today around the ‘Net” or something, and should never pretend otherwise.

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