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– Les Miles doesn’t need another nickname. He’s been the Mad Hatter, the Ball Clocker, the Grass Eater, and the Kick Faker. But after watching this video, I hereby decree, mutatis mutandis, that TRC shall henceforth call him the Honey Badger (link slightly NSFW for language). I get that the LSU mascot is not a badger, and that while Les did coach in the Big Ten, it wasn’t at Minnesota Wisconsin. Nevertheless, it’s clear to me from the above vid that this Honey Badger doesn’t care, this Honey Badger doesn’t give a $#*!.

– Victor Hampton was dismissed from the team, reinstated, and then immediately suspended. Or something. Its not clear what’s going on here, as we have an SID that is the sports equivalent of Newt Gingrich’s lone remaining campaign staffer. Why do we even know that he was dismissed in the first place? Why do we know that he was reinstated? Didn’t this sort of thing happen all the time over past summers, and all we were told was that “workout participation wasn’t 100 percent?” Regardless, young Vic needs to keep his head up, and know that some of us agree with the old Honey Badger on your past transgressions – we don’t give a $#*!.

Well said, 2chains, well said.

The SEC should just drop the pretense and hold its conference baseball tourney in Omaha. An SEC team has played for the CWS title for what, four straight years? Won the last two, and now has three of the final four in this year. Little question for you to ponder: would this be what a college football playoff would look like? Start with 16 or 32 teams and end up with a bunch of SEC squads facing off? I think it might. And since the conference has now won 500 straight national titles in football, perhaps we shouldn’t give a $#*! what method the BCS uses.

– CTU is apparently putting together a remarkable recruiting class, at least at this early juncture. Just like last year. And the year before, and the year before that, and the year before that. All I can say is that I trust our staff, and also remember numbers like 34-17 and 29-7. I therefore don’t give a $#*!about a bunch of unsigned highschool juniors.

Is it safe to say that David Roth doesn’t give a $#*! about his job, and would walk through @*&$^# for his son. Good on you, David.

Oh, and while it might be some cheesy $#*!, the following proposal is heartily REC’D.

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  1. I’ll tell you what’s awkward, belly boy: those man-udders of yours. You might want to mix in a salad every now and then.

  2. I started to blame all my life’s problems on h8rz a few weeks ago instead of accepting personal responsibility for my actions. Really reduced the stress in my life knowing nothing’s my fault, you guys.

    By the way, anybody got any bail money? Columbia PD be hatin’.

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