The Sweet Smell of Success (Us) and Failure (Them) and Other Tusings

Notice:  We recently heard about this new social media vehicle that is apparently sweeping the nation called “Face Book”.  We created a  TRC page to see what it’s all about, so give us a visit just in case it catches on.  (Unfortunately, they only have a “like” button, but trust us, we understand your feelings for us are much stronger than that.)

The last few days have been awfully good if you’re a USC fan and CTU hater (guilty!).  The Gamecocks had a little resistance in the Columbia Regional.  Kudos to Georgia Southern and Stetson for being cute, scrappy little ballclubs – but ultimately they were no match for the defending champs and number four national seed.   

Our hillbilly neighbors to the north, however, had a weekend and weekday to forget.  CTU’s regional started off fine enough, with an easy victory over Sacred Heart (how do you even bring yourself to compete with that name on your chest?).  Then they ran into a little trouble against Coastal, but still had the bracket well in hand with a 2-0 record. 

Then along came UConn.  The Huskies rallied, gagged for a second, then finished off the Tigers with a dramatic walk-off win to set up a winner-take-all game Monday night.  It was at that point CTU tied together the shoelaces to their pretty white shoes and went face first into the crushed brick of whatever they call their crappy baseball stadium.

14-1.  Against Uconn.  On their home field.  In a do-or-die situation. 


Come on people, I know a lot of you wanted to see the Tigers at our place this weekend, but you have to admit – that was a freakin’ tasty piece of chocolate-covered schadenfreude we got to enjoy last night.        

  • Congrats to JBJr., Matt Price, Scott Wingo, Peter Mooney, John Taylor, Adam Matthews and Bryan Harper for getting selected in the Major League draft.  For most of them their time in a Gamecock uniform is coming to a close (JBJr.’s probably already has), so enjoy while you can.
  • By the way, you see who Jackie was drafted by?  A little club called the Boston Red Sox.  Who happen to have a minor league team in Greenville.  Which happens to be close to a little college called Clemson.  CTU fans will get to enjoy MORE Jackie!  I hope he brings his ring…
  • Clemson football player/trackster/amateur ninja Joe Craig was suspended from the football team’s summer workouts by Dabo Swinney.  I don’t know, seems a little drastic for a simple assault and battery with intent to kill. 
  • As our very own Tbone (a former John Law himself) pointed out last week, it is out of the ordinary to not have charges filed against SOMEONE when there is a scene like the Craig/Wesh bloodletting.  Other law enforcement officials agree.  When contacted, a CUPD official said, “Hey, no disembowelment, no foul.”
  • Mark Bradley is surprised Georgia is picked third in the SEC East.  WHY???  They were 6-7 last year IN A DOWN YEAR IN THE SEC EAST (heard that one before?), lost their best offensive player (by far) and their best defensive player (by far).  Are members of the “dream team” recruiting class magicians?  Or hypnotists? 
  • The University of Southern California was stripped of their 2004 BCS National Championship, and shortly afterwards a representative for Auburn contacted the NCAA.  Publicly, Mr. Lowder was informed the NCAA was not taking bids for the vacated title.  Privately, he was asked to bring a paper sack filled with large bills to the Gas n’ Sip off of I-20 in Anniston and “we’ll see what we can do”. 
  • We should’ve known Terrelle Pryor was up to something by his Sugar Bowl helmet stickers.

Go ‘Cocks, beat UConn.  (don’t think about the bowl game…don’t think about the bowl game…)