To Serve and Protect…the Clemson Football Team

So let me get this straight…

On May 22, Joe Craig was involved in an incident described as “assault of high and aggravated nature” with a female track teammate.  You can read about the incident here, but it appears the altercation started at a pool party where some seemingly harmless shenanigans got out of hand.

"It's a good thing that towel rack was nearby. Otherwise, I could've broken my hand."

One thing led to another, and Craig’s teammate, Marlena Wesh, allegedly felt threatend by Craig as he confronted her in “her room”, and slashed Craig’s arm with a serrated eyebrow razor (?). 

Craig, a Division I football player, obviously was concerned for his safety and proceeded to pound the holy hell out of the female track athlete Wesh with a towel bar.  The Clemson University Police Department found a disturbingly bloody scene that included a screaming and hysterical Wesh. 

Fortunately for Clemson fans everywhere, the members of the CUPD were able to calm everyone down and convince Craig and Wesh to not press charges against each other under the guise that “they were ‘teammates,’ that it was ‘bad publicity,’ and that the incident was ‘minor’.” 

Right.  Just another routine spat between teammates involving a razor, a towel bar, and a gallon of blood.  Nothing to see here, according to the CUPD. 

The CTU track coach had the good sense to suspend both players for “violation of team rules”.  But a couple of major questions remain:

Why did an incident that happened on May 22 only come to light on June 3?  And where is Dabo Swinney?  Shouldn’t he at the very least suspend Craig from the football team “until he gathers all the facts”? 

That doesn’t even take into account the CUPD’s role in all this.  Their legendary reputation for protecting members of the CTU football team only grows. 

To the parents of recruits, know that your kids can come to Clemson and stay out of trouble.  And if you happen to get into trouble…well, let’s just say you won’t get into trouble (wink).

9 thoughts on “To Serve and Protect…the Clemson Football Team

  1. This is really disgusting behavior on the part of the police department. Are there any doubts that one if not both would have been arrested if this incident occurred in Columbia.

  2. As we wrote, if this was South Carolina there would be a media fire storm the day of not 10+ days later and still no word from “Dat-Boy.”

  3. The thing that gets CTU fans (some, not all) have the nerve to bring up Garcia’s antics. Garcia’s not perfect–but he’s never assaulted anyone. Most of his antics involve just him….

    Gotta love that Pickens county home cookin’.

    1. You are so right, Chris! I work with a Clemson fan is obsessed with Garcia. When I asked him to “google” Joe Craig, he said “Who?” Clemson fans are so frightened about another season of Garcia, Jeffrey, and Lattimore, not to mention Devon Taylor and Clowney, that they don’t even know who there own players are. Maybe they should stop obsessing over Carolina and concentrate on their own team.

  4. I’ve toyd around with a follow-up post to this one, but there are several good articles (LOHD among them) on the topic already.
    I will say this: in my previous life in law enforcement, we had a little rule we followed: blood=don’t need victim’s approval to prosecute. There is also a state statute REQUIRING law enforcement to make an arrest if probable cause exists.
    Then Dabo plays Dumbo over the whole affair.
    It stinks on multiple levels

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