Day Late and Dollar Short Tusings (Wusings?)

Tusings have become Wusings (shorter and a day late) this week due to a hectic work week, but here are some things that have crossed our minds:

  • The much and oft-maligned Stephen Garcia graduated from college last week, which is more than can be said for a lot of D-I football players that wasted their scholarships.  That has to really stick in the craw of the reporters and bloggers who can’t wait to file their next story about what a screw-up he is.
  • The Gamecock baseball team has done a remarkable job of hanging in there all season, but hopefully the series loss at Ole Miss isn’t a portent of things to come.  Without reliable second and third starters, and without more consistency at the plate, it’s going to be tough to hang on to that national seed, and even tougher to make it back to Omaha.  Hopefully Ray Tanner has some more duct tape handy.
  • The next “next Herschel Walker” (Isaiah Crowell) just moved up a spot on the depth chart after the previous “next Hershel Walker” (Washaun Ealey) was granted his unconditional release from UGA.  Of course, the previous “previous next Herschel Walker” (Caleb King) is still in the mix.  This would be a whole lot simpler if UGA would ask its next big running back recruit to legally change his name to Herschel Walker.

    Will the next Herschel Walker please stand up? /every UGA running back since 1982 rises to feet
  • It looks like Russell Wilson might wind up at…Wisconsin?!?  Despite the success of the Heisman winner last year, I guess one-year quarterback rentals have failed to catch on as the rage for 2011.
  • Don’t look now, but it appears Clemson is a football basketball baseball track & field women’s lacrosse GOLF school!
  • Prepare to be upset ye merry sports fans, for the Miami Heat are (is?) going to win the NBA Title.  In other news, the NBA playoffs are going on right now.  In other other news, the NBA still exists.  I know because I saw it on ESPN looking for the Delaware State spring football game.

The TRC crew will be participating in its annual spring bass fishing tournament this weekend, so if you’re not following us on Twitter (@rubrchickens), please do so.  We’ll be sending periodic updates and possibly lunker photos.  DOESN’T THAT SOUND EXCITING!!!!!