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NERD ALERT! In Which We Discuss Alternate Realities

Greetings. I am Uatu, The Watcher. I was assigned to your world by my Brotherhood to observe and record your development as a species. From my abode on the dark side of your earth’s moon, I watch, I catalog, and … Continue reading

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No. 1 Ain’t Important Right Now and Other Tusings

Sunday night while reading one of the Gamecock message boards and I noticed a couple of posts that basically said “the pollsters will find a way to screw us out of a number one national ranking”.  A couple of thoughts … Continue reading


Americans Want a Quarterback They Can Drink A Beer With

Every four years we hear the same refrain in politics: The public may like this candidate or that one, but in the end, Americans will vote for the candidate that they most want to drink a beer with.  Americans like … Continue reading

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So You Really Want to Know Our Thoughts on Stephen Garcia…

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I wasn’t going to comment on the latest Stephen Garcia suspension, I really wasn’t.  I’m tired.  Super tired.  And I get more tired by the day hearing what everyone else thinks – that Garcia doesn’t deserve another chance, that he’s embarrassing the University, … Continue reading


Jacob Tucker is Sick (in an Urban Dictionary Kind of Way)

For those of you filling your kids’ heads with the “you can do anything you put your mind to” speech – if your kid is 5’10”, he cannot do this.

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