So You Really Want to Know Our Thoughts on Stephen Garcia…

I wasn’t going to comment on the latest Stephen Garcia suspension, I really wasn’t.  I’m tired.  Super tired.  And I get more tired by the day hearing what everyone else thinks – that Garcia doesn’t deserve another chance, that he’s embarrassing the University, that he has no respect for anyone or anything, that Spurrier has lost his edge by not dumping this guy.  

Then there’s this uber-dramatic blog post from Sporting News, replete with a photo outtake of Garcia mid-blink and Spurrier mid-scowl – BECAUSE GARCIA LOOKS DRUNK AND SPURRIER LOOKS PISSED AND THAT’S THE WAY WE WANT TO REMEMBER BOTH OF THEM DAMMIT! 

Ugh, chill out people.   

So leave it to Spencer Hall from EDSBS to save the day and prevent me from having to form my own opinion.  He says:

“We would remind Carolina fans that Garcia is at worst the second or third best quarterback in the history of your program, took a flyer on your program at a time when other teams were very interested in having him start for them, and has done very little in the way of anything actually nasty or felonious. Dude likes beer, sweet, life-giving beer. At this point it’s Stabler-esque in the charming way, not in the multiple DUI manner.

We would also remind you that every quarterback who ever played under Steve Spurrier has been on the verge of benching at every second of their tenure, so this does not represent a real diversion from the overall historical path of Spurrier quarterback management. If you look at it from a wagering perspective, Garcia will probably still end up being the starter at one point if he’s not thrown off the team. He will likely not be thrown off the team because he’s less malicious and more like the family Labrador who likes to drink beer out of his dog dish, and has one more year to show something like the kind of talent a typical Spurrier quarterback can deliver for NFL scouts: I am just good enough to earn my pension and then immediately retire after spending five years on the bench.”

Bingo.  I’m on board with that. 

Now I’m going to take a nap.  Wake me if I’m not up by September 3. 

Until then, enjoy one of the first photos from the infamous night-before-the-Chick-fil-a-Bowl-hotel-room party.