TRC In-depth Recruiting Analysis

With only a week to go before signing day, TRC would like to focus on the final remaining recruits on South Carolina’s board and let you know where we think they will ultimately sign.  In our continuing efforts to give you the “outside view” of Gamecock sports, understand that we have put about four minutes of thought into this and have access to no insider information whatsoever.  (Some people think my uncle Billy is a Gamecock insider because he has a block C tattooed on his calf, but I’m not buying it.)

Cedric Cooper - A linebacker out of Lithonia, GA, if Cooper had committed to us back in September we would’ve said “meh” and not remembered him until next Wednesday when we read down the list of LOI’s.  But since he’s stringing us along and is one of the last of the uncommitteds, he is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for this class.  The funny part is everyone seems to be aghast that he committed to SC and Arkansas without decommitting from either.  GASP!  BLASPHEMER!  After committing to several more SEC and ACC schools over the next week I think he winds up at, oh, let’s say Virginia.

Jerrell Adams – Very impressive player based on the touchdown pass I saw him catch in the Shrine Bowl, which is the only play I saw from the Shrine Bowl and the only play in which I have ever seen Jerrell Adams.  Clemson has had an Adams (Gaines) more recently than us (Frank), so I say it’s our turn to have an Adams and he signs with USC.  

Roderick Byers – Kids from South Carolina flirt with Oregon every year for some strange reason, and none of them ever go there.  As appealing as their neon shoe/sock combination is, he’ll be a Gamecock.  If he does go to Oregon, we will not hear from him again until some message board yahoo starts a thread in 2014 called “Remember Roderick Byers?”

Phillip Dukes – Dukes is from Manning, and kids from Manning always seem to screw us.  And by “always”, I mean once, and I’m referring to John Fulton.  Dukes winds up at UNC. 

Jadaveon Clowney – Not sure if you’ve heard of this guy, but I predict this DE/RB will be the real sleeper of this class.  The problem is, somehow Alabama got video of him and are hot on his trail.  Despite neither him nor his family ever claiming a favorite, or for that matter, ever commenting on anything AT ALL, most folks seem to think he is USC’s to lose.  I personally think it’s 50/50, so I flipped a coin to decide things once and for all.  I called heads for USC, and it landed on tails.   After losing it for a few minutes - weeping uncontrollably, calling the coin “stupid”, breaking my hand on a dugout wall - I convinced the coin to go best two out of three.  Then four out of seven. 

Fortunately for us, the coin finally landed on heads five times out of nine.  So when Jadaveon Clowney professes his love for the University of South Carolina on February 14, you can thank the Buckster.