A Fitting End – Sour Grapes Edition

The Auburn Tigers are 2011 BCS Champions. At least for now.
To put a spin on the famous Goldwater campaign slogan, “You know in your heart that they’re WRONG.” And I think we all recognize it.
Camis a hired gun. Fairly is a dirty player. Trooper is a known bagman. And Chizik is complicit in it all.
And they’ve gotten ever freaking break on every freaking bounce of the ball all year long. But that is sort of necessary for a championship run, isn’t it?
The numerous officiating mistakes and/or oversights were equallynecessary, and werethe hardest to watch. A crooked team coached by crooked coaches should notget every single call, should they?
Well, witness this breakdown of the play that won the game:
\With that said:

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