2010 – Buck’s Perfectly Pathetic Pigskin Paradise

On the day of the official end of competition for the 2010 football season, I’d first like to say on behalf of the TRC staff thanks to all our readers for making our little blog venture a success.  Because there is so much news and analysis on the web, we’ve tried to be a little different, and a little entertaining, and not TOO serious (read: silly).  We hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as we’ve enjoyed writing.

We’ll continue the blog through recruiting, spring practice, basketball season, baseball season, academic casualties and bar fights until we’re back around to August and another glorious football season.

My final thought on this season is a mix of college and pro football.  A couple of weeks ago I was reflecting on the Gamecocks’ and Falcons’ (my favorite pro team since forever) seasons and wondered:  is this the greatest football season I’ve ever experienced?

I searched the internets and compiled win-loss records for the two teams since 1987.  I chose 1987 because that’s my first year as a true, die-hard Gamecock fan (my allegiances were elsewhere before that, but that’s a story for never, lest I risk losing readership).

The answer was a little depressing in that, strictly in terms of wins and losses, this is by far the best Gamecock/Falcon season ever with 22 wins – and the Falcons have the opportunity to add at least three more to that total.  The teams combined for 18 wins in both 2004 (USC 6, ATL 12) and 2008 (USC 7, ATL 11).  In 1998 – Atlanta’s Super Bowl year – the teams “combined” for 17 wins, with Atlanta securing 16 of those.

The teams combined for single digit wins in 1989 (9), 1996 (9) and the low water mark in 1999 (5 – all by the Falcons).  Overall, the teams’ combined record since 1987 is 316-355-5.

I hope for my fellow Gamecock fans that you follow a different pro team than I do.  If you are a Gamecock/Falcon fan, all I can say is:

I feel your pain.

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