Banal Gameday Predictions – Ark-n-saw Edition

Buck says: Arkansas 45, USC 42 – I hope I’m wrong, but the ingredients are in place for a loss, I just couldn’t decide how close it was going to be. Even with Greg Childs lost for the season, the Hogs have plenty of weapons to put plenty of points on the board – Mallett, Adams, Wright, D.J. Williams – and a great good average below average ok, pathetic running game, but enough to keep defenses honest. And if our defensive backfield hasn’t gotten better in a hurry, they won’t need a running game anyway. I think we will be able to keep up, but one turnover could doom us in a “last team with the ball wins” type of game. I don’t buy into the “this game doesn’t matter, we’re focused on Gainesville” rap, but it’s a nice excuse to have in our back pocket if things don’t go our way. This would be a really nice win if we can pull it off. Again, hope I’m wrong…

Tbone says: USC 33 Ark 27 – Buck is smoking Gainesville Grass if he thinks we can hang 40+ on . . . well, anyone. Turnovers will be a factor in this game, but in SC’s favor. I think the Sandstorm Troups make enough racket and the Dline gets enough push to be good for a couple of big Arkansas mistakes. Add in our two automatics for 100 yards (don’t make me name them) and I think we withstand a late Razorback Rally. Oh, and by the way, we are playing for something: an Arky wins gives the Chick-fil-a Bowl the excuse they desperately need to skip over us AGAIN.