SEC Weekly Bowl Projections

High Point of the Bowl-That-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned

With its 38-24 victory over the Tennessee Volunteers, South Carolina is bowl-eligible for the seventh consecutive year.  The days where bowl eligibility were an unattainable goal for the season seem like a distant memory now, which is a testament to how far we’ve come as a program the importance of a twelve game season.

SO, with that milestone crossed, let’s look at TRC’s Weekly (NEW FEATURE!) SEC Bowl Projections:
BCS Title Game:  Auburn vs. Oregon – Auburn has Fairy Magic on its side and will remain winfull (which is the opposite of winless).
Allstate Sugar Bowl: LSU vs. TCU – physical defenses and low-brow tailgating (you thought I was gonna say “offenses” didn’t you?)
Capitol One Bowl: Alabama vs. Ohio State – The Boredom Bowl, The Serious Coach Bowl, The Felony Doesn’t Make You Ineligible Bowl
Cotton Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Missouri – The Ugly Stepsister of the Conference Bowl.  Maybe the Big 12 10 and the SEC should just make them play each other 12 times a year.
Outback Bowl: Florida vs. Michigan State – because they play each other in this bowl every year or at least it seems like it.  What?  They never have?  Well, they should.
Chick-fil-a Bowl: Anyone-But-South-Carolina-No-Matter-How-Much-We-Have-to-Torture-the-Logic (Publically, the committee will simply say ‘Arkansas’) vs. Florida State.
Gator Bowl: South Carolina vs. Wisconsin – Logistics Man wants easy trip to Jax.
Music City Bowl  [South Carolina sneers and quietly judges you in much the same way you treated us last year]: Georgia vs. Maryland – because Georgia always gets a cupcake for Christmas.
Liberty Bowl: Kentucky vs. Houston.  Sponsorship opportunity for Red Lobster Cheesy Biscuits pending selection.