Its Called Commitment

Some folks follow college football.  Some are fans.  Others could be described as passionate about their favorite school. 

But every once in a while you run across a guy that transcends fan-hood, and enters batpoop crazytown.  Witness the following fan IN HANDCUFFS but still taunting the exiting Crimson Tide.  Watch at about the 2:00 mark, black ‘Carolina’ shirt, yellowish hat gelcoat hair, in the end zone, and 100% committed:


He’s ‘all in’ in a manner of speaking.  Of course, Dabo’s favorite phrase may have had additional, and disturbing, relevance for our super fan a little later on in the Richland County Hoosegow.

(side note:  McElroy +1 – watch him salute the fans as he exits)

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